"Patience, n. A minor form of dispair, disguised as a virtue."
-Ambrose Bierce, The Devil's Dictionary, 1911

Keeping up a website takes a lot of time and energy... and unfortunately, recently it's been time and energy that I can't spend here. There's school, home, and a move is coming but, but I admit it's mostly school. *ahem* It seems odd to leave my page up there untouched and unsupervised, especially when I am still debating the merits of actually having a website at this point; in the meantime allowing my stuff to fall prey to art theives, and having to politely turn down work that I am not looking for. I need some real space to rearrange some things in my life, and so I am in the process of rubbing out distractions.
But don't worry! It'd be silly to think I'd never have an actual site ever again, I enjoy working on them way too much. And hey, maybe there'll be more from me sooner than you think. ^___^
Here is a handful of my favorite recent images, and my "short" list of artist sites that I like to visit... *heh heh* Enjoy!

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